December 10, 2012

Sergio's Story: Why He Quit Smoking

Sergio is originally from Laredo, Texas, and he moved to Austin in 1996 to work at AMD as a technician. He started smoking when he was 17 years old as a senior in high school. "It wasn't peer pressure," he explains. "It was just the thing to do."

At first, Sergio thought smoking was pretty bad, but then it became a natural thing. He smoked for 10 years until his late 20s. Smoking was something to do at nights with friends at the clubs while dancing. After a while, it was more like a way to deal with hunger, especially being a single guy. It was also a relaxing activity, and he did it to generally pass the time.

One of the Sergio noticed about smoking, especially after smoking two packs in one evening, was that the next day, he would have a hard time breathing, and he'd blow black stuff out of his nose. Whenever he'd get sick, it was worse than usual.

In 2001, he met his future wife - she wasn't into smoking, so he couldn't smoke around her. And at that time, he also got very sick with a sore throat. Between not being able to smoke due to social reasons and health reasons, he simply let it go. Even when he tried to pick up smoking again, he found it made him feel very ill.

Ultimately, he stopped smoking for his wife and his future family. He hasn't smoked since then. In 2003 got married and now has two daughters. He enjoys being with his family and having fun with them.

Watch the video interview below!

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