September 17, 2012

Chacon Family Leads an Active Life


Edgar and Rubi Chacon’s family leads an active life: Edgar walks more than 7 miles a week at work. Rubi chases their toddler Emmanuel around all day. Andrew spends an hour every day in 9th grade basketball drills. Jennifer and Daisy get a lot of vigorous play in PE at school. But that’s not enough...they have strict limits on TV time (but enjoy family DVD movie night at home).

On Sundays they walk a mile or two and get a workout at the park playground to reach the “silver” activity level: At least 2 1/2 hours of exercise a week!

Sunday walks are special for Andrew and his father as they get a chance to talk about things they might not have time for otherwise. The whole family feels closer in their playtime together.

The Chacons also accepted Dr. Pont’s no-soda-in-the-school-week challenge last month, and they took it way further: They never drink sodas, just a lot of water and things like fresh pineapple juice. Fast food is rare and things like homemade chicken vegetable soup are the usual evening meal.


Jennifer and Daisy (English)

Andrew (English with Spanish subtitles)

Rubi (Spanish)

Edgar (English with Spanish subtitles)

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