February 5, 2013

A Medical Home Helps You Prevent Illness and Live Healthier

“People feel a sense of security by being cared for by the same doctor. They feel that the doctor has more control of their health treatment. It’s also easy for the whole family to be seen by the doctor in the same appointment. That saves time and money.” 

— Maria Isabel, Community Health Worker and Patient at CommUnityCare 

What does it mean to have medical home? It means having a good relationship between you and your family, and your primary health-care provider — the medical expert you go to see not just when you are sick, but the person you also visit for regular check-ups and physical exams, who can teach you habits and tips for having a healthy lifestyle.

When you develop a trusting relationship with your health-care provider, you can work together to prevent chronic disease and illness such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart problems, and respiratory problems.

A medical home provides primary care that includes:
  • Preventive care (to keep you from getting sick) 
  • Acute care (in case you get sick) 
  • Coordination of that care with your health in mind 
  • Active network with specialists and other providers

A medical home is rewarding for health-care providers because they can offer consistent, continuous, compassionate, culturally effective, and complete quality care to their patients. Also, patients and their families can rest assured their needs will be met by someone they know and trust. It’s about preventing illness and disease and staying healthy!

Resources in the Dove Springs area of Austin, Texas:

CommUnityCare William Cannon Family Practice and Walk-In Care
6801 IH35 South, Austin, TX 78744
Phone: (512) 978-9960

Medical Access Program (MAP)
Phone: (512) 978-8130

Texas Medicaid
Phone: (855) 827-3747

CHIP / Children’s Medicaid
Phone: (877) 543-7669

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