February 19, 2013

Finding a Medical Home When You Don't Have Insurance

Ingrid hadn’t been to a doctor in 10 years, and Saíd hadn’t been in 13 years – because neither of them had health insurance and didn’t know their options. Ingrid wound up at the hospital due to inflammation of the heart.

Ingrid finally learned about her options at a presentation given at her son’s school. She received a phone number to call and apply for medical assistance. When Ingrid went to the doctor, she discovered she had three serious health problems that could have been prevented.

When Saíd went to see the doctor, they recommended that he do tests for cholesterol and diabetes. Now he and his wife are taking the proper precautions to catch signs the signs early and prevent further illnesses. Ingrid says, “My goal is to follow my doctor’s plans and recommenda- tions, eat healthy, and participate with my kids in getting exercise.”

Watch their videos (in Spanish with English subtitles)!

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