July 8, 2013

Advice from the Experts on Parks

Park Ranger Nick Hirsch: Helping our Residents

Nick has been the Education Coordinator with the Austin Park Rangers for several years. They offer a variety of programs for anyone in the community: fishing, hiking in the nature preserves, cave explorations, wildlife presentations, rock climbing, and guided kayaking.

“The goal of all of our programs is to enable families and their children to spend time together, explore and appreciate nature, be outdoors, and have fun,” says Hirsch. To learn more about free activities, and for a calendar of upcoming events, visit www.AustinTexas.gov/ParkRangers or call 512-978-2600.

Chief Deputy Constable George Morales: Protecting our Neighborhoods

“Parks offer a great opportunity for walking – they give us a chance to be able to stay physically fit. We have walking trails in many of our parks! Playgrounds are also important, and it’s good to get kids started early. When children can go into a playscape and do physical activity, it keeps them mobile, healthy, and fit.

If you’re involved with your children at school, you should be involved in the parks. It’s something you can be doing together as a family, whether you’re throwing a ball, building castles, or pushing them on a swing.”
George Morales is on the Dove Springs Advisory Board.

Dove Springs community health worker, Frances Acuna, with City of Austin Park Rangers!

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  1. Park rangers are really efficient and good at their work. Its good and helathy for you and your children to get involved in activities that revoves around nature.