July 1, 2013

Community Parks in Dove Springs

Dove Springs District Park
Several community-based leaders and organizations want to create a healthier and safer living environment for our families, friends, neighbors, and our fellow residents of Dove Springs!

Below are the various parks available in our constantly improving community. Do you want to help make them even better? Call Jill Ramirez at 512-484-1507.
  • DOVE SPRINGS DISTRICT PARK: Includes adjoining Roy Kizer Golf Course and Jimmy Clay Golf Course – 5801 Ainez Road (~72 acres) 
  • FRANKLIN NEIGHBORHOOD PARK – 4800 Copperbend Blvd. (~5 acres) 
  • KENDRA PAGE NEIGHBORHOOD PARK – 2203 Blue Meadow Dr. (~15 acres)
  • HOUSTON PARK – 4800 Copperbend Blvd. (~5 acres) 
  • ONION CREEK PARK – 7001 Onion Creek Dr. (~180 acres) 
  • PONCIANA NEIGHBORHOOD PARK – 5200 Freidrich Lane (~5 acres)


Franklin Neighborhood Park
Pastor Edward Craig and Brenda Craig of the Great Commission Baptist Church in Dove Springs organized a team, consisting of Lupe and Merita Williams, and others from the congregation, to adopt nearby Franklin Park in March of 2013. Being part of the church also means being part of the community, so they have been working to improve the park, with a focus on better security and lighting.

They’ve also been working on engaging neighborhood residents to create neighborhood watch teams and become involved. “Residents play a big role in safety because there are more of us that live in the neighborhood than there are police,” says Mrs. Craig. “It’s a challenging journey, but all good things take time.”

Neighborhood team working together!

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