May 6, 2013

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy foods is the best medicine to prevent chronic disease in your family.

The rising rate of obesity in Dove Springs is currently threatening our lives, especially our children’s, and it’s leading to a growing incidence of diet-related chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other experts as one of the most important things we can do to be healthy, reverse the obesity trend, and fight diet-related disease.

Ways You and Your Family Can Eat Healthy

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas on how you and your family can eat healthy while saving time, knowing where your food comes from, getting more than your money’s worth in terms of quality...and even soaking in plenty of sun, fresh air and doing exercise while you’re at it!


It’s hard to beat the convenience of plucking a sweet juicy tomato, picking crisp green lettuce leaves, or cutting a spicy pepper right from your own back yard! Get FREE seeds, compost, and gardening supplies, and FREE Basic Organic Gardening classes, from Sustainable Food Center’s Grow Local program. 512-236-0074

Community gardens such as Urban Organics (5015 Maufrais) or River City Youth Foundation (5209 S. Pleasant Valley) also provide spaces for growing healthy food – learn gardening tips while making new friends in your neighborhood and spending quality time outdoors with your family!


Shop for your food AND take your family on a fun outing at the same time! The better quality of the freshly harvested, naturally grown foods by local farmers can mean more nutrients to help you and your family be healthy. The vegetables also last longer so you save money by not wasting food.

  • HOPE Farmers Market (5th & Comal), Sun. 11 am - 3 pm; accepts SNAP & WIC (512-553-1832 /
  • Sustainable Food Center’s Farmers Market East (MLK & Airport) Tues. 3 - 7 pm, and Sunset Valley Sat. 9 am - 1 pm; accept SNAP & WIC and will double your dollars up to $20! (512-236-0074 /
  • Look for the Dove Springs Neighborhood Farm Stand opening this June! (512-750-8019 /


Skip the chips, cookies and soda, and let your kids pick out a fresh veggie or fruit in the produce section. Choose produce that’s in season; it’s usually the least expensive! Avoid packaged and processed food. Choose whole grains and brown rice, organic milk, and leaner meats. Look for coupons & specials! Many families who cook at home also set aside a little time to slice or chop fruits and vegetables to keep in the fridge for convenient meals and snacks during the week. Learn how to use fresh ingredients to cook easy, fast and healthy meals:

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