May 20, 2013

Living Simply and Naturally

Josefina is married with eight children, ranging from 11 to 35 years old, but she and her family are all in great health. She is very active on her mini-farm in Dove Springs where she tends a vegetable garden, chicken, and sheep. What’s the secret to her youthful look and energy? It’s the way she eats! She used to have health issues, but since changing the way she eats, she feels healthy and no longer takes medications.

Josefina feels organic food is healthier because the vegetables are grown without pesticides and the meat raised without hormones and pesticides. Her family hasn’t been sick in over 10 years. “We may be spending more on food, but we save money by not going to to the doctor often,” says Josefina. “You can’t put a price tag on having good health.”

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